After a summer of fun,

Get back on your Yoga on with a new type of Yoga Challenge!

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Inspired by the two Words that are So Powerful, they Have The Potential To Change Your Whole World !!


How We Define Ourselves Creates Our Vision Of Ourselves, Which Also Creates Our Experience Of Ourselves

What is The Challenge?

Yoga is a exploration of self, through mindfulness and awareness. Currently we are offering 2 yoga challenges. First is a full 21 day commitment to studio practice days and Second is our Yoga Challenge Lite which is completing 6 studio practice days over 15 days . The main object for both is to explore yourself through different avenues of yoga practice.

Through this challenge the practitioner will be able to experience the positive shifts of mind,body and spirit, that is attributed to including yoga in your daily or regular routine. Consider the challenge as an opportunity to learn more about all 8 limbs of yoga practice (Including breath work & meditation)through daily emails, a chance to broaden your spectrum of different styles of yoga and various teaching methodologies, a source of motivation to bring yoga into your life and simply a beautiful way to get connected with others who are also on a journey of self and awareness.


For the full challenge, We invite you to complete 21 Studio Classes over a 30 Day Period. This could mean coming to the studio and practicing 21 days in a row or it may mean including “rest days” or allowing “cheat” days for those commitments that may prevent you from attending studio classes. It is up to you, but your pass includes 21 Days of Yoga within a 30 Day Period.

For Yoga Challenge Lite, We invite you to practice for 6 Days over a 15 Day Period. Same as above, you may do all 6 Days in a row or break it up within the 15 Days.


EVERYONE. A majority (95%) of the classes we host are taught in a way that meets all levels.

What do i get for signing up?

  • Your name on the Challenge Board

  • 21 Days of Yoga @ Mountain Om Studio (Over the span of 30 Days)or

    6 Days of Yoga @ Mountain Om Studio (Over the span of 15 Days)

  • A chance to Explore a session of Yoga Nidra (meditation) with Kelly Carlson

    (Choose one of the dates below)

         SESSION 1 - Tuesday, October 8th, 7:30-8:45-pm-ish

         SESSION 2 - Friday, November 15th, 7:30 -8:45pm-ish

  • Enjoy daily emails that provide you motivation to keep going as well as insights and information on living your yoga off the mat.

  • All registrants will receive Yoga Challenge Tank Top , available for pick-up on your first day of the challenge (Assuming we have your size in stock)

Are THERE REWARDS when I complete this challenge?

  • Exclusive to those that complete the challenge, a Special Finale class and meet-up potluck party is @ 6:30-8:30pm on Friday, November 29.

  • All participants completing the challenge will have a $10 credit applied to their account for future use.

What is the yoga schedule being offered during this challenge?

  • Participants are able to attend all drop-in classes offered on the main schedule. (Does not include preregistered classes or workshops)Although we host a mostly consistent schedule through the fall, sometime we like to add a little extra class every now and then to spice things up, which you are welcome to take advantage of - just keep updated by checking on-line.


You can start this challenge any day from Sept 14th - October 30th

The very last day to start the challenge is October 30th and you will have 30 days from your first day to complete it.

What is the cost?

For the full challenge:

  • Register as a single $125

  • Register as a twosome $108/person (Just let us know who your partner is!)

    *The twosome needs to start on the same day as you

    *No threesomes, sorry we don’t swing that way (LOL?)

For the Lite:

  • Register as a single for $85

  • Register as a twosome $65/person


If you are an unlimited member at the time you want to enter, you can put your membership on hold and purchase accordingly as a single or twosome that way you get your name on the board, get access to the challenge emails, have a t-shirt, participate in the Yoga Nidra and get the special invite to our finale class and potluck party as well as our $10 credit. You can contact us ahead of time, or just let us know, when you come in that you would like to put your membership on hold and register for the challenge.

What happens if I can't attend all THE Classes?

Most importantly do your best - that is ultimately what counts. To be eligible for the Credit and Finale Class and Party you must follow through with you 6 or 21 Day Commitment. However, we want YOU to succeed ! If you fall short of completing this challenge - let’s not get down, instead let’s start with something more doable. We will give you another chance and try again with our Yoga Challenge Lite 2019. Still having trouble, let’s have a session and chat about making a plan to include more wellness in your life and we will take it from there.


Look at your schedule and the studio schedule and decide what day you will start so that your challenge can be met, purchase online or arrive at least 10 Minutes early before class to get registered. On your first class you will: Get your name on the board, pick-up your challenge shirt, check your inbox (maybe even junk mail) as you will receive your first challenge email that day.

ONLINE sign-up

Register online. Or leave an email with Kelly:, we can then make arrangements for e-transfer.