Aerial Yoga

WHY Aerial Yoga?

The blending of traditional Asana and the use of the Aerial Yoga Hammock, creates opportunities for Yogi’s new and experienced to explore postures that counter the habits of modern life; using gravity as an ally in decompressing, releasing, and transforming areas of habitual and circumstantial tension.

The hammock is an excellent but subtle assistant for balance, strength, and flexibility. By minimizing the fall but maintaining the wobble, aerial hammocks can increase the benefit of many postures with just a little help.

By gaining familiarity with the sensations associated with accessing core muscle groups and deep stretches in often inaccessible balances, beginning practices can grow by leaps and bounds.

The Hammock acts like training wheels; offering a little bit of support in challenging muscular postures without doing all the the work for you as well as offering different lines of stretch and strength to explore, that normally wouldn’t be available.

For flexibility, the support of the hammock can remove the sensation of ‘falling’ into unfamiliar postures; but still allow for deep stretching.

You will be reminded of why you liked hanging upside down as a kid and you will wonder why you ever stopped! 


Different options for learning:

  • Learn and Progress through a full spectrum of Aerial Yoga moves by registering for our 6 week sessions.

  • Learn and practice a wide variety of basic and fun Aerial Yoga Skills by joining one of our Aerial Foundation pop-up classes.

  • At different times we will have different styles of aerial classes available on our Main Schedule. This means that some aerial classes will be part of your monthly membership and you can drop-in for the same price as a class or use your regular yoga class passes. Currently only 6 spots in each class, so please sign up ahead of time. If the website says waiting list, it means the spots are filled.

    * We have a no cancellation policy on all aerial classes, All registrations (including monthly pass holders) that do not attend, will be charged for the class. Check availability for spots on our Main class schedule.



A full body yoga work-out and stretch, this class uses an aerial hammock in various ways including suspensions, inversions, core balance and floor assistance in order to accomplish a different approach to yoga postures. This unique class is centred to work on body extremities and core to develop strength, flexibility, motor dynamics, spinal alignment, endurance, reflex sharpness, balance and somatic perceptions. Please read our policies before signing up!

#2 AERIAL YOGA STRETCH & RESTORE (not currently on schedule)

This Aerial Yoga class is specifically dedicated to stretching your body and decompressing the nervous system with the use of the silks. The silks are set low to the ground. There are no hanging up side down postures, just pure stretching and support poses.

This is an amazing class for sore bodies and getting open and relaxed. Also a great way to get comfortable with the silk just incase you want to try some of our other aerial classes:)

*No prior experience needed


(On the drop-in schedule Tuesdays@5:45-6:45pm, Sept 10- Oct 29th)

Aerial Yoga Fit & Flow fuses basic to advanced yoga poses with aerial hammocks to allow for a full body workout that increases flexibility beyond what traditional yoga provides. Creative sequencing and transitions create opportunities to build strength, coordination and mental focus. Modifications and advanced cues will be given, so that students can practice to their personal edge depending on their level.

*All participants are required to have at least one previous aerial experience and feel fairly comfortable on their silk.

#4 Preregistered “Intro to Aerial” (SESSION HAS BEEN FILLED)

It takes time to gain confidence and comfort on the silks. This is a 6 week progressional class that will give you tonnes of ideas and know-how on how to use the silks.

*No experience needed.

Aerial Yoga Policies:

Welcome to Aerial Yoga! We are excited to share this practice with you! All students must arrive at least 10 minutes prior to class start time to ensure proper set up with silks. Students that are late will not be accepted into class as we lock the doors at the exact start time!

  • A short or long sleeve shirt must be worn at all times. No tank tops will be allowed in class. We also expect participants to come clean, wear deodorant, refrain from wearing strong perfumes/colognes, free from cream & oil on hands and no heavy make-up. This is to keep the hammocks clean in between washes.(We wash silks monthly).

  • Must take off rings, bracelets and long necklaces. Jewelry can easily snag the silks.

  • Advanced preregistrations are encouraged as currently the Space is limited to 6. If the website says waiting list only or to call, it means we are booked up!

  • Clean Healthy Bare feet with non snagging toenails are required to safely work in the hammock. Socks can be worn only if it is a restorative or yin style practice. If you suspect you have a foot disease(fungus, sores, cuts) please do not attend this class until you have dealt with it.

  • No Cancellations are allowed. Please do not phone to cancel as we have a no refund policy. Those who do not attend will be charged for the class. If you would like to transfer your class to someone else, please call/text 250-270-0056 and let us know to whom we can give your class to.

  • Pop-up Classes have a minimum age of 14. We do sometimes offer teen or family specific classes. Anyone under the legal age must have a waiver signed by their parent/guardian to participate.

  • Weight limit of under 280lbs to participate.

  • Please see your doctor before attending class if you suspect you are unwell or have encountered any of the listed: High/low blood pressure ,Recent surgery, Easy onset vertigo,Glaucoma,Heart disease,Osteoporosis,Recent head injury & Recent stroke.

    *Note: Your instructor cannot diagnose medical conditions, or decide if class is appropriate for you.

  • Please inform your instructor of any injuries.

What DO I NEED TO KNOW FOR my first class?

1. Unless stated, no experience is needed.

2. You need to wear comfy clothing. A good choice would be tight fitting stretchy pants that will cover the backs of your knees with a short or long sleeved sport top that will cover your midriff without riding up. Leggings or footless tights are a great option.

3. Bring lots of water, and make sure to drink it in class.

4. If you get dizzy or a headache, you will take a break and return when ready.

5.You might want to bring a protein-rich treat for after class to help build muscles.

6. You are not required/expected to do anything in this class, you may choose to be an observer, always play at your own comfort level.

7. Trying new things may be scary, emotions may come up for you that you didn’t expect, part of a yoga practice is moving through those feeling, and finding the perfection in the imperfection :)

8. Most importantly - Have Fun!