Mountain Om Gift Offerings.

Available until December 24.



We are offering our stocking stuffers again this year. 

Option are as follows:

1 stocking coupon equivalent to 2 yoga classes for $32 (Maximum is 10 coupons/person)

1 stocking coupon equivalent to 3 yoga classes for $42 (Maximum is 5 Coupons/Person)

1 stocking coupon equivalent to 10 yoga classes for $120 (Maximum is 3 Coupons/person)

Please be advised that when you buy online by clicking the buttons above, you will be offered the choice of designing and printing off your gift card coupon(s) at your own home or designing and sending the gift card coupons to the recipient via email. If you prefer to have a hard copy created by us here at Mountain Om, please come into our establishment. We are open 15 minutes before the start of each class and 15 minutes after the end of each class on schedule. If you need to pick up a gift coupon at another time please make arrangements by calling 250-270-0056.