Choose what pass works best for you:

Whether you are a visitor to the studio or a daily practitioner, we offer tonnes of different options to purchase classes. All the classes are drop in except the workshops and the preregistered classes. By far the best deal is the unlimited monthly membership for $67 (for new students). Any class cancellations/changes will be noted in the online schedule and our Facebook Page.

**Please note - In addition to the classes on the drop-in schedule listed below, we offer even more classes, workshops and retreats. You can easily learn of these classes by checking out our website's preregistered sectionworkshops section or retreats section. Fees for these additional classes can vary, read the class description to find out!*

  • Prices do not include tax
  • Mat rentals are available for $2

Prices list for regular drop-in schedule

Drop-in Pass for 1 visit

         Regular = $18  Under 18 or 55+ = $15  

         Buddy Drop-in = $32 (2 People drop-in together)     

 Multiple Class Passes 

*All passes have 12 month expiry, no exceptions!

* You can share your class passes with friends!


   3 Pass      $48 ($16/class)            

   5 Pass      $75 ($15/class)             

   10 Pass    $135 ($13.50/class)          

   20 Pass    $240 ($12/class)      

 Under 18 and over 55

  3 Pass      $42 ($14/class)

  5 Pass      $65 ($13/class)

 10 Pass    $120 ($12/class)

20 Pass    $210 ($11/class)

Unlimited Passes

Visitor Pass (1 week unlimited) = $55

New Member Introductory Month Unlimited = $67

1 month unlimited for all drop-in classes. To be eligible for this pass, this must be your first monthly membership to Mountain Om Classes.    

I Love Weekdays (Includes unlimited weekday classes Monday-Friday)

1 month unlimited = $80 or 3 month =$220 ($73.33/month)

Yoga Addict (Unlimited weekday and weekend classes)

Choice of 1 month unlimited = $90 or 3 months unlimited = $260 ($87.67/month)**ON SALE FOR $205 UNTIL DEC 2**



Unlimited yoga for $775/Year  or Set up an autopay plan for $67/month

Our schedule fluctuates, season to season but your guaranteed to be offered @ least 1 class on both Saturday and Sunday and 8+ classes Monday-Friday. Summer time has the most classes!

Throughout the year, you will be offered a discounted annual member rate on any workshops or specialty classes, anywhere from 10-25% off. And 10% off all merchandise.

This is our only unlimited pass that can be put on hold. (2 times up to a month each time)

Preregistered Classes - Check page


Otherwise please bring cash, visa or master card or debit for your purchase.