Workshops 2018

Healing, Beauty, Kundalini & The Thyroid

Saturday, JAN 13, 12-3pm, $57


The thyroid, known as “The Master Gland” and “The Beauty Gland,” is the butterfly-shaped gland at the base of the neck. It regulates many of your body’s major functions such as metabolism, hormones and energy levels - and is also responsible for your hair, skin, nails, and sex drive.

Whether or not you have a thyroid condition - this workshop will teach you must-know ways on how to tap into your own intuitive healer and understand your body in profound ways!
You’ll also learn how specific integrative modalities can be applied to understand your energetic body and release deep-seated patterns of fear, self-doubt, and limiting beliefs so you can liberate yourself and finally feel good again. 

In this Nourishing Workshop You Will:
- Access your intuitive healing power through meditation
- Learn how to activate the Rest and Rejuvenate Response through deeply supported healing Thyroid Yoga® postures
- Receive Reiki energy healing, light touch and aromatherapy to profoundly support your healing
- Immerse in sacred sounds to resonate to the tissues, organs and bones of your body with healing vibration
- Re-train the energy flow in your body to ultimately help you to reclaim your wholeness and feel balanced and blissful!

Thyroid Yoga® artfully infuses wisdom from western and eastern medical perspectives to create a total healing approach with deep roots in integrative medicine and intuitive self-healing.
Thyroid Yoga® has been endorsed by leading medical doctors as a proven way to help restore and realign the energetic and biochemical mechanisms that influence thyroid functioning.
The Thyroid Yoga® methodology integrates Kundalini Yoga, Yoga Asana, Breath Work, Meditation, Chanting,Ayurveda, Functional Nutrition, Circadian Biology, Anatomy, Intuitive Healing, and Essential Oils for a total, full-body,mind, and spiritual approach to sustained health.

  • This workshop is hosted by Anya Alyzabeth, Certified Thyroid Yoga® practitioner, Certified Stress ManagementCoach, energy healer and intuitive will be offering a unique experience for the senses. Any specific questions can be passed on to:
  • All levels of physical ability welcome
  • Pre-registration is required with payment in full.
  • Workshop regitration includes a fresh/raw Thyroid Nut Mylk (please indicate if you need to substitute for a different juice).

Disclaimer: Please note that a minimum number of participants is required for this workshop to run. You will receive a full refund if we have to cancel the event.