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Are you a wellness practiTioner looking for a space…

It’s ready for you!

We started our business from scratch and we know from our own experience that the biggest cost and headache, when you first start wellness as a business is covering rent & utilities and also feeling alone.

We have created a beautiful healing space that can be rented by wellness practitioners on a half day or full day basis. There is no commitment needed, except the bookings you make. Once you are approved, You can book the space up to 2-3 months in advance. No minimum booking is needed. If there is a day of the week or half day that you always want, just go onto our booking system, book by paying and reserving the space or make arrangements with us so that we can keep that time for you.

This is perfect for those who want to keep the autonomy of running their own business but want to be part of a community of wellness practitioners at the most affordable cost.

Depending on the time needs of the practitioners that will join this collective space, we will limit the amount of practitioners, as we want to support the growth of those who are in the space.

Enjoy a beautiful space, your name on our outside board*, get mentioned on our website, emails & facebook pages, access to internet and *1/2 price yoga to help keep you balanced.

*To be on our board you must book a minimum of 8 bookings (1/2 or full day)per month.

To qualify for this space:

  • You must be skilled in your craft.

  • Show credentials in your offering(s)

  • Great reputation

  • Have your own updated website, cell phone & insurance.

  • Be able to share space

  • Have a friendly, kind and nurturing spirit

    All potential renters must be interviewed in person and fit in seamlessly with the current offerings.


Sunday - Thursday

8-1pm - $20 | 1:30-8pm - $20 | 8-8pm - $35

Friday - Saturday

8-1pm - $25| 1:30-8pm - $25 | 8-8pm - $45

All prices include 5% GST

How do I apply?

Give me, Kelly, a call @ 250-270-0056, and let me know your story. If it’s a good fit with the gig we currently have going here at Mountain Om, We will take it from there!